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Do you want to supply to Muthu

At Muthu we believe in a mutual growth process where you grow with us. If you are interested in supplying to us you need to meet the following requirements:

Timely Sample Development

We do a lot of sampling work for our clients.
We require our suppliers to complete requests from our sampling dept in the shortest time possible.

Quality Assurance

We require our suppliers to share our same obsession with quality - for this is where we take a lead over our competitors

Timely Shipping

We would like our associates to keep ahead with the given head time and take complete care in reaching the deliverables on time and in good condition. Co-ordination at all levels to meet time lines is critical.

Industry Knowledge & Integrity

The company in question must possess the industry knowledge & skill in order to manufacture products in the shortest time span possible & with the most cost-effective method. It should also be stable because we believe in a long term relationship where you grow with us.

Equal Opportunity Practices

The company must exercise equal opportunity practices where no discrimination is made on the basis of gender, caste, race or color.

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